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Pi Day

March 14 pi day

I love Pie (strawberry rhubarb, blueberry) and \(\pi\) . So this is a favroite day.

And on this day, many wonderful people were born (not that it really means anything)

I have taught a few elementry classes on Pi day. The best exercise involved having a set of colored paper strips (each color specific to a digit 0-9), and having the kids make a paper chain by adding one digit at a time. We tried to find patterns in paper-chain code. (It was exciting to see kids find pseudo patterns and get excited, the human brain loves patterns). But then we would add more and another pattern would be ruined. I left it as an excercise for the kids, and their teacher said thay had a blast adding paper all through the day, they were disappointed when they ran out of paper.

And now, for no reason: